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Take a bike ride on the TART trail and get educated. The TART (Traverse Area Recreation & Transportation) trail travels through the heart of downtown Traverse City and is great way to access all the area shops, restaurants and parks without worrying about parking.

Not only is it a very easy and enjoyable ride, you get to learn all about our stellar solar system. Trip Advisor ranks this activity as the #1 thing to do in TC. Here are some other reviews:

First stop is the SUN.

Each stop has an information rich display.

Then it’s Mercury…


Then Venus…

VENUS – “Goddess on the mountaintop”
Hey, I recognize that place. EARTH

Next up, my favorite planet since Matt Damon inhabited it briefly for a movie…MARS

SATURN (and a plane in the background)
URANUS, the butt of many jokes.
NEPTUNE – no one really talks about Neptune
PLUTO, you will always be a planet to me.

The planets are located in exact proportion to their distance from the sun. So, when you start at the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are all within walking distance. If you want to conquer them all (and get the free T-shirt), you must trek all the way to far depths of the solar system to reach lonely Pluto. It’s worth it though.

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